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Restricted Use: As per our policy, you will not use our trial server for Email Marketing, Mining,
Ticket Booking, Video Streaming & no automatic bots will be used on the server.
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VPS Trials

You can try VPSHosting.Net.In for free for three to seven days. You will rarely have more than 30 days to test out a virtual server at other providers, but not here. We want to make sure you are satisfied with VPSHosting.Net.In, so we offer a free trial.

Features of VPS trials

Performance That Is Both Easy & Extreme

You will gain powerful performance and speed when using open-source software, such as OpenStack and KVM.

Easy control of your VPS

Manage and control your VPS with just a few clicks with VPSHosting.Net.In. Power on or off, reboot, introduce another working framework, really look at server measurements, see root access passwords, make reinforcements, and recover VPS holders with only a couple of snaps.

Easy-to-use tools for developers

In addition to a developer-friendly auto-installer and lots of operating system templates, our VPS trial hosting plans include an easy installation of the most popular web scripts and Linux distributions. You can even run your own Minecraft or VPN servers.

No setup costs

With VPSHosting.Net.In, you can easily set up your VPS account with no installation fees. After you order the VPS and choose the plan, the operating system, control panel, etc., will be installed.

Most Advanced Functionality

Host limitless areas along with your VPS server. Create FTP accounts, databases, FTP addresses, email addresses, private nameservers, and sub-domains with VPSHosting.Net.In managed VPS hosting.

24/7 Customer Support

On the off chance that you ought to have many different kinds of feedback about we oversaw or unmanaged Virtual individual Server hosting plans, we are here every minute of every day live talk to help. Chat with us at any time, even if you are on a trial period.

Why should you choose us?


As an alternative to many free VPS suppliers, VPSHosting.Net.In invests constantly in comprehensive IT security, progressive data centres and product-specific options. This makes us one of the world's most safe hosting suppliers.

Server location

We make sure to store your data securely based on all applicable information privacy laws. In case you are sans offering virtual private servers, ensure that they are in Munich, Nuremberg Germany, St. Louis USA, India and Singapore as VPSHosting.Net.In does.


With VPSHosting.Net.In you get flexible and amazing hosting at a reasonable cost. Free VPS servers are usually limited in terms of power and traffic. This will cause sites to quickly slow down.


Choosing VPSHosting.Net.In from the start allows you to save time and plan your project more effectively. Limited storage space or web space limits your project. If you wish a ton, a "free VPS" rapidly turns into an exorbitant arrangement.

Why VPSHosting.Net.In

In the case of free Windows VPS, support may take weeks. After all, customer service may be considered a price issue by suppliers. At VPSHosting.Net.In, 24/7 support is included in the price.